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Our goal is to provide producers with practical & profitable precision ag solutions that fit each unique operation. The following list contains many of the services and products that we offer. Our precision ag team of local agronomists and precision ag support personnel feel it is important to discover your needs and goals first - before offering a solution. Please contact us with any questions, comments or ideas that you may have regarding any of the product offerings contained below. Our goal is to offer complete solutions with a full lineup of products and services to meet your precision ag needs. We look forward to visiting with you!
- is performed on fields to obtain a more accurate soil fertility map than conventional soil sampling. Individual soil samples are taken around each grid point (recommended every 2.5 acres) & the fertility data for the nutrients tested is surfaced to create a field map. Variable rate fertilizer can be applied to the field based on these maps. Less/no fertilizer is applied to high test areas & more fertilizer can be applied to low test areas.
- are the best measurement of yield variablity in a field. Yield variability can be quantified and causes for yield limitations can be investigated. Yield variations lead to different removal rates of fertility in a field and when combined with grid sampling can help determine nutrient replacement needs. Yield maps also help to analyize hybrid, management, and other changes that are made within a field.
- allows you to change the seeding rate based on field properties site verification maps allow you to record and geo-reference any products applied on the field.
- show how much seed, fertilizer or chemical was used for the individual application. Items such as application speed, efficiency, min/max rates, average rates, application time and other items are also reported.
- EC measures the different conductivity values of the soil properties. Each soil property (sand, silt, and clay) has different conductivity. By mapping the difference of soil conductivity it helps define the current nrcs soil type maps to an accuracy that is useful for precision ag. These maps often tend to correlate very closely to yield. Two depths of data are obtained (1m and 3m) to show both surface and sub soil differences.
From custom application to specially blended fertilizer products and more, Aurora Agronomy™ has the capabilities to meet your unique needs by designing a program specific to your operation and your fields.
We have the locations, experts and equipment to get the job done when it needs doing. Period. Custom Application Aurora Agronomy uses state-of-the-art equipment, including variable rate application technology, to apply a complete range of fertilizers and crop protection products – both liquid and dry – throughout the growing season. Our top notch equipment is operated by licensed professionals who utilize the latest technology, from autoswath to autosteer, to ensure proper coverage and no overspray from booms that span 120 feet. When combined with grid soil sampling our custom application ensures the right rate at the right place in your fields. That means higher yields and improved efficiencies.
The Right Prescription Yield maps and grid soil sampling offer great potential for your operation using variable rate fertilizer applications. The experts at Aurora Agronomy are here to help understand all the data and assist in developing the right prescriptions for variable rate seeding and fertilizer across all your fields. As this technology advances and evolves, the Aurora Cooperative will be there, leading the way. Resources and Reach Aurora Agronomy is the largest supplier of fertilizers in central Nebraska and northern Kansas. Our five liquid terminals, one dry terminal and rail access mean we'll have what your crops need when they need it. Add in over 50 custom application machines, strategically placed warehouses and hard-working crews and you can see how we cover well more than 1 million acres of ground a year.
Your business is growing. Ours is making sure it keeps on doing exactly that. Aurora Agronomy™ has earned a reputation as the region’s premier agronomy service by showing unmatched results for growers. Our powerful combination of expert agronomists, modern technology, and in-the-field, one-on-one service and consultation has made Aurora Agronomy the go-to team for agronomic challenges large and small. You get recommendations, ideas and solutions specifically targeted to your farm, your field, your crop, your soil. It’s what makes Aurora Agronomy the regional leader – and it’s why our customers come back to us season after season. From the latest technology to customized fertilizer, seed, and crop protection solutions, Aurora Agronomy is your reliable, full service partner that delivers.
Strategically placed and well-stocked retail centers and warehouses assure that Aurora Agronomy™ has the crop protection, seed and fertilizer products you need to get your crop off to a great start – and an even better finish. Bulk inventories, the latest seed technology and expert advice from our agronomy pros make Aurora Agronomy the smart choice to meet your agronomy needs. And don't forget about the Aurora Cooperative's custom application services. From variable rate technology to yield data to planter prescriptions, we're here to help. For all your agronomy needs, contact the Aurora Agronomy team today.
Crop Protection Products
Aurora Agronomy carries a compete lineup of crop protection products from all leading manufacturers – if you want it, we've got it. Our numerous retail locations carry bulk inventories of the most popular products, with warehouses holding additional inventory to ensure we have what you need when you need it.
With five liquid fertilizer terminals, a dry fertilizer terminal and access to key rail providers, Aurora Agronomy is the largest and most diverse supplier of fertilizers in Central Nebraska and Northern Kansas. Our offerings include standard blends of key nutrients – or we can create a custom blend specific to your needs. A complete line-up of micro-nutrients and specialty products are available to ensure proper plant nutrition. Major anhydrous ammonia terminals within our trade territory make certain we have a reliable supply of this important product.
The right genetics, trait packages and technology come from Aurora Agronomy and its proven seed partners who have a long track record of success throughout our geography. Seven bulk seed sites have the ability to apply seed treatments that protect the seed, boost emergence and get your crop off to a great start – helping your seed to live up to its genetic potential. These bulk seed sites are located in Aurora, Byron, Carleton, Central City, Geneva, Gibbon, Wood River and a NEW site in Upland. They make loading a tender quick and easy and eliminate the need for any mixing in the field.