Animal Nutrition Update by Meghan Anderson November 12, 2014

Supplementing with Aurora BeefLicks

After what has seemed like a rather long harvest season, harvest is finally winding down for grain producers in the Aurora Cooperative trade area. With the exception of the artic blast currently hitting the area, harvest weather has been pretty good.

Many beef producers are focusing on getting cows worked, preg checked and turned out on corn stalks for the remainder of fall and winter until calving time. With calf prices at all-time highs, and hitting record highs every week, no one needs reminded how much each live calf is worth. This is not the year to skimp on supplementing protein and energy to bred cows.

A cost effective way to deliver protein and energy supplement to cows grazing winter forages is with Aurora BeefLicks.

A key component to the Aurora BeefLicks blend is the addition of a unique vegetable fat. Fat contains 2.25 times more energy than carbohydrates, so our product is an excellent source of energy. BeefLicks contains very low amounts of sugar and starch based carbohydrates. However, it contains non-starch, non-sugar based carbohydrates that are “fiber microbe friendly”.

Fat is beneficial to ruminants for a number of reasons. Fat has 2.25 times more energy than carbohydrates, making it an excellent source of energy. In addition, BeefLicks contains a concentrated source of linoleic fatty acid supplied from the corn and soy based fat. Linoleic fatty acid is one of the essential fatty acids that has been shown to improve reproduction.

Low quality forage diets commonly contain an insufficient amount of protein and energy to meet the nutritional requirements of the ruminant. On these types of diets, rate of passage is slow resulting in efficient microbial crude protein synthesis (more energy is necessary for microbial maintenance). BeefLicks can supply additional forms of protein as well as additional energy to help meet rumen fermentation needs.

Aurora Cooperative and the team of Animal Nutrition specialists are ready to serve you and your needs to supplement your cowherd during this time of record cattle prices. Make sure your cows are in proper calving condition with Aurora BeefLicks. Contact your Aurora Animal Nutrition specialist today to beginning supplement your cows with Aurora BeefLicks.