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Aurora Energy

Your source for the products that fuel your success.

Our energy division keeps central Nebraska on the move. From the diesel in your tractor to the 85% ethanol blend in your flex-fuel pickup; from propane to heat your home to the high-tech lubricants to keep your equipment running right – it’s all available from Aurora Cooperative.

Count on Aurora Cooperative for a variety of energy products and services including:

• Premium diesel fuels including Soy Bio Fuel
• Ethanol blended fuels (E10 to E85) for flex-fuel vehicles
• On-farm delivery of fuel, propane and lubricants
• Competitive daily and contract pricing
• Petroleum equipment (tanks, pumps, filters)
• Convenient consumer pump locations across central Nebraska

We Deliver Solutions To Fill Your Agri Business Needs
The Aurora Cooperative's Energy Division has a tremendous ability to purchase in large quantities and hedge its needs, ensuring that you'll have access to the high quality products you need at the most competitive pricing available. While we strive to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible, we recognize that responsive customer service is critical.

That's why we stock products in bulk at many of our locations, offer convenient delivery, opened more 24-hour fueling stations and provide several riskCorn Stalk management products to protect your bottom line.

For all your fuel, lubricant, propane and other energy needs, contact the Aurora Energy team today.

Refined Fuels The Aurora Cooperative can deliver all your fuel needs direct to your storage tank from our local terminals. From diesel and soy biodiesel to kerosene to gasoline and ethanol blends, we've got you covered. For details, including information on our diesel fuel guarantee, click here.

Propane From commercial to agricultural to home heating, our propane team delivers – and all delivery team members are well-trained for professional service. Click here for more information.

Bulk Oil Delivery / Lubricants Aurora Cooperative offers a full line of premium engine oils, hydraulic oils, drip oil, gear lubes and greases at several locations or delivered direct to your shop. For details, including information on equipment warranty, click here.

Petroleum Equipment The Aurora Cooperative has a complete line of fuel tanks, hoses, nozzles, filters and more – including diesel, ethanol, propane and natural gas engines, and bulk oil tanks and tank stands. For details, call 800-694-6973 or 402-964-6973.

Risk Management Products We offer a number of risk management options for diesel, gas and propane – including multi and single month contracts with price limits. Click here for more information.

Tire Service Centers Our service centers are well-equipped to handle all your tire and tire-related needs. Stocked with quality brands that you'll recognize, Aurora Cooperative tire centers can be found in Aurora, Clay Center, Dannebrog, Elwood, Hardy, Roseland and Upland. Click here for more information.

Hardware & Clothing Ag Service Centers In addition to hardware and clothing items, we feature grills, fencing supplies, lawn care items, agronomy merchandise, and irrigation supplies including power units and many other items. Click here for more information